The Irving Foundation has previously supported a wide range of projects in the arts, education, child welfare, and the environment.  Most grants are in the range of $1000 to $10,000, with occasional larger grants. No grants are made to individuals; all grant recipients must be U.S. 501-c3 charities registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

We welcome and prefer the email submission of proposals to*.  To submit a proposal, download the guidelines here and follow the directions therein.  The guidelines and format of the proposal is reproduced below.

Funding proposals are reviewed twice a year, in June and November.  To be considered, proposals must be submitted by June 1 or November 1, respectively.  We welcome inquiries, and for any questions, please use the Contact form from the banner above.

Proposal Guidelines: 

Please include the following sections below. Your application should be typed, 12-point font, single-spaced, and submitted as a single document. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  Submissions must be e-mailed to by midnight Eastern Time on the indicated deadline date. 

Letter of Introduction: Briefly introduce your organization. Discuss how your work is unique and fitting to Irving’s mission. Not to exceed one page. 

Mission and History: Summarize your organization’s history, mission, and future goals/plans/projects. Not to exceed 1 page. 

Scope and Impact of Work: Discuss the impact of your organization’s work. What need is being filled? What evidence do you have of your organization’s impact? Please provide specific metrics of success when possible. Not to exceed 1 page. 

Specific Ask for Irving Foundation Funds: Indicate the amount of money you are requesting ($1000-$15,000), and whether this request is to:

  • Fund a new project
  • Continue your ongoing general work or projects. If you are looking to continue your general work, we are interested in learning how you will continue to grow and build on past efforts in a cost-effective way

Irving is interested in funding both types of requests. Include a detailed description of the new or ongoing work that you are hoping to get funded, a budget, a timeline, and your plan for evaluation of your work. Include any information (data, observations, previous similar projects) that provide evidence of need for or potential impact of the funded work. Not to exceed 4 pages.

* If for some reason proposals cannot be submitted via email, please mail a hard copy to:

Irving Foundation, 525 East De La Guerra Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103

Progress Reports



If your organization is the recipient of an Irving Foundation grant, we require you submit short progress reports to These reports are due by Nov 1 and Jun 1. They should briefly describe the activities of your organization in the time since the grant was offered. You should specifically report on how the Irving grant funds have been used towards the specific funded project laid out in your grant offer. Two exemplary progress reports are attached here for reference.

Example Progress Report 1

Example Progress Report 2